Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flying Fish Brewery, New Jersey

The weekend’s coming and you are looking to do something different with your friends – why not rent a minibus in New Jersey and have some beers at the Flying Fish Brewery? Oh, don’t be too alarmed, we assure you that you will not encounter fishes flying all over as you sip your cold beer on a hot summer day. Founded in 1995 by Gene Muller, the Flying Fish Brewing Co. had first opened its doors to the virtual world – allowing the cyber world to experience and see what goes on behind the scenes of a brewery. Back then, the website also gave opportunities to their viewers to help select and name their beers as well as design t-shirts and labels and the best part of it all – viewers get to volunteer to taste the beers as and when needed! And the virtual brewery became a reality a year later.

If you are unfamiliar with this place, you will be very glad to have the service of a New Jersey mini bus rental driver who knows the place well. With this being your first visit to the Flying Fish Brewery with your beer drinking friends, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that they have their own tasting room and that they also offer different kind of beers on tap and bottle for sale – so, pick your choice and drink up! Many beer lovers have come and tried their beers and not many has ever left the place feeling disappointed. While you are there, you can always check with them on their beer tours – which currently they are still working on getting their new brewery up and running so that they can open it up for tours.

As you tour the brewery, you will have the opportunity to taste their beers and they are more than happy to refill your cup as soon as you finish. Even without the brewery tours, you can still enjoy your trip there with your friends – the beers that they serve there in itself is a good reason to go. Don’t be in a hurry to go off from the place in your rented mini bus – it’ll be good to just relax, drink some beers and then leave. After all, none of you need to be driving as you already have your New Jersey mini bus driver waiting to take you home whenever you want. Take the time to ask them about their beer and their brewing process; Flying Fish Brewery are quite generous in allowing their visitors to try their beers - but they do have a limit of the quantity of beers that you can purchase though.