Thursday, November 28, 2013

Family Fun Day at Storybook Land

Remember the days when you were young and had all kinds of stories floating around in your head? Children now would also be the same and what is better than giving them a chance to experience fun-filled adventures in a land of wonder.

Located in Egg Harbor Township in New Jersey, this 20-acre family amusement park is themed after many storybook characters that mini bus rental families with children will enjoy, such as Mother Goose, the Three Little Pigs and many more. Walk through all your family’s favorite stories and nursery rhymes, or take the awesome new rides at the park that integrates classic storybook characters in it.

Choose your Favorite Character Ride

At Storybook Land, the most important visitors are the youngest ones. Although the rides are made for the whole family to enjoy, special consideration is taken for the young children who love their storybook characters. For a hassle-free trip to the park, take a coach bus so the children will have fun travelling in a bus in a group too.

All of the rides at Storybook Land have certain height restrictions. If children are below the height requirement, there has to be an adult accompanying the child. If they are above the height restriction, then they can ride unaccompanied. Some rides are stricter though, such as Bubbles the Coaster where children has to be a minimum height of 34” to ride it with or without an adult.

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