Thursday, November 28, 2013

Family Fun Day at Storybook Land

Remember the days when you were young and had all kinds of stories floating around in your head? Children now would also be the same and what is better than giving them a chance to experience fun-filled adventures in a land of wonder.

Located in Egg Harbor Township in New Jersey, this 20-acre family amusement park is themed after many storybook characters that mini bus rental families with children will enjoy, such as Mother Goose, the Three Little Pigs and many more. Walk through all your family’s favorite stories and nursery rhymes, or take the awesome new rides at the park that integrates classic storybook characters in it.

Choose your Favorite Character Ride

At Storybook Land, the most important visitors are the youngest ones. Although the rides are made for the whole family to enjoy, special consideration is taken for the young children who love their storybook characters. For a hassle-free trip to the park, take a coach bus so the children will have fun travelling in a bus in a group too.

All of the rides at Storybook Land have certain height restrictions. If children are below the height requirement, there has to be an adult accompanying the child. If they are above the height restriction, then they can ride unaccompanied. Some rides are stricter though, such as Bubbles the Coaster where children has to be a minimum height of 34” to ride it with or without an adult.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Premium Quality Food and Service at Colicchio and Sons

If you thinking of experiencing New York’s diverse dining options in one visit, you will be sorely disappointed with the fact that this is quite literally an impossible feat. There is just so much you can eat and experience. One of the things that you should never miss when you are in New York is the street food. There is quite nothing like it but as far as fine dining is concerned, one of the must-visit restaurants with your NY mini bus would be the main room Colicchio and Sons.
With Colicchio and Sons, things are never the same every time you visit because the chef is completely dedicated to experimental cooking. Based on their long-standing relationship with growers and industry experts, they are quick to turn things around or bring new items into their menu whenever the chance presented itself.
The chefs may change with time but their motivation remains the same - the greenmarket which serves as the main inspiration and motivation for chefs like James Tracey who is currently cerving as their main chef. As they run through what the greenmarket has to offer each season, ideas will jump out at them and they will let the creativity inspire them in the kitchen. The flavors are bold, clean and uses locally sourced ingredients. I will have to say that THAT is inspiring on its own.
They received a three star review from the revered The New York Times.
‘We dined at Colicchio and Sons for my birthday and we had the seven course meal and it was amazing. You know how when you look at a dish and simply know that the person behind the dish works really hard to impress you off of your socks. Yup, that was the feeling I got for each of the dishes they served for the 7 course meal. My birthday dinner, was therefore, perfect,’ says Sally who celebrated many other special occasions at Colicchio and Sons.
The cost of dining in at this award-winning restaurant could have been cheaper, in all honesty, but most people would not mind paying for premium quality dining. And THAT is what Colicchio and Sons is all about.
If eating at the Main Dining Room is good, then choosing your specialty drink at Tap Room will complete the whole experience. Pick your favorite from their extensive wine and cocktail menu and enjoy the top quality meal and drinks at Colicchio any time of the day. In the meantime, if you are thinking of organizing a group event in New York, please do not hesitate to give us a call for an affordable NYC charter bus rental package.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Terhune Orchards & Winery, New Jersey

A trip away from the hustle and bustle of city life is always a fun thing to do with the family. On top of that, to make the trip even greater, and also enable you to to be able to spend more time with your family when you go on trips would be to rent a mini bus instead of driving. That way, you can give your family all the attention that they would want from you, compared to when you have to drive. If you are wondering where to take your family for a short holiday, why not consider taking them to the Terhune Orchards & Winery for them to learn and enjoy life on a farm – even if it is just for one day?

Terhune Orchards & Winery is located at 330 Cold Soil Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540 and when you go there in a New Jersey rental mini bus, you can be assured that you will not get lost trying to find the place. For a family trip, this is definitely a great place to go. In fact, Terhune Orchards & Winery has been a favorite family outing spot over the years. Children from the ages of two to six will find this place fun because there are a lot of animals to look at, some to even “play” with, as well as little tractors for them to ride around in. With the rides on the little tractors, they probably feel like “little farmers” themselves too!

At the farm, visitors coming in New Jersey rental buses are welcome to pick their own fruits and produce, but if it gets a little too crowded (especially on weekends and during their festivals), you can also opt to take a stroll on the property first before you try your hands on picking berries, pumpkins and apples. While you take your leisure stroll on the property, they also have a small art gallery where you can check out the art pieces inside and if you enjoy wines, you can even taste some of their wines that come from their very own vineyard.

Before you and your family leave the farm in the rental New Jersey mini bus that you came in, don’t forget to stop by the farm store to buy some of the fresh produce as well as some of their apple ciders – hot or cold, your choice. Oh, and they also have fresh and delicious apple cider donuts too!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flying Fish Brewery, New Jersey

The weekend’s coming and you are looking to do something different with your friends – why not rent a minibus in New Jersey and have some beers at the Flying Fish Brewery? Oh, don’t be too alarmed, we assure you that you will not encounter fishes flying all over as you sip your cold beer on a hot summer day. Founded in 1995 by Gene Muller, the Flying Fish Brewing Co. had first opened its doors to the virtual world – allowing the cyber world to experience and see what goes on behind the scenes of a brewery. Back then, the website also gave opportunities to their viewers to help select and name their beers as well as design t-shirts and labels and the best part of it all – viewers get to volunteer to taste the beers as and when needed! And the virtual brewery became a reality a year later.

If you are unfamiliar with this place, you will be very glad to have the service of a New Jersey mini bus rental driver who knows the place well. With this being your first visit to the Flying Fish Brewery with your beer drinking friends, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that they have their own tasting room and that they also offer different kind of beers on tap and bottle for sale – so, pick your choice and drink up! Many beer lovers have come and tried their beers and not many has ever left the place feeling disappointed. While you are there, you can always check with them on their beer tours – which currently they are still working on getting their new brewery up and running so that they can open it up for tours.

As you tour the brewery, you will have the opportunity to taste their beers and they are more than happy to refill your cup as soon as you finish. Even without the brewery tours, you can still enjoy your trip there with your friends – the beers that they serve there in itself is a good reason to go. Don’t be in a hurry to go off from the place in your rented mini bus – it’ll be good to just relax, drink some beers and then leave. After all, none of you need to be driving as you already have your New Jersey mini bus driver waiting to take you home whenever you want. Take the time to ask them about their beer and their brewing process; Flying Fish Brewery are quite generous in allowing their visitors to try their beers - but they do have a limit of the quantity of beers that you can purchase though.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The New York City Dance Parade, One Of A Kind Experience

Dance is an age-old form of creative expression and communication and many do not know that dance has a history of suppression. Consider the fact that ballroom dancing was thought to be unholy back before the twentieth century, cabaret dance was linked to Harlem Jazz clubs and Germany’s Nazi banned swing dancing because it was thought to be anarchistic. But we are no longer living in that era because we have amazing parades like New York City’s Dance Parade which began in 2007 and is still going strong today. Most definitely something some of our dance enthusiast NYC mini bus customers!
The main aim of the dance parade was to celebrate the diversity of every kind of different dance, be it Samba or Jazz, Ballet or Ballroom. This year, the NYC Dance Parade was held on Saturday May 18, 2013 and it brought on a storm of support from the crowd and the dance communities. In a way, the dance parade is giving some dance artforms a voice that they have never had. This year, the event began after 12pm on Broadway 21st Street and ended around 3pm which is then followed by a festival down at Tompkins Square Park.
The parade also serves as an opportunity to NYC mini bus travelers who are looking to learn something new that is related to dance because it is during events like this (it happens in many other cities all around the world too and this is no different) that all forms of dance is showcased. The dance parade starts off with oldest to the newest form of dance which means that visitors are given a historical insight into how dance developed throughout the country and around the world.
What’s really funny about attending a dance parade like this is that despite having two left feet, everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun and dance along with the dancers. In fact, some police officers who serve as a guide and patrol officers for the dance event were seen asking New York city mini bus parade bystanders to dance along and not just stand there as an observer.
The organizers of the event would like to continue putting together an event of this stature in the future in hope of giving some communities access to public funding, materials, and help for their future projects. They have people building websites and organizing fundraisers for these dance communities too.
The parade educates people about dances like aerobic (which is considered a dance), Afrobrazilian, Caporales, Ballroom, Belly dance, Contemporary, Sacred, Soul, Flamenco, Roller Disco, Stilt dance, Clown dance and many more.
So, don’t miss the chance to take part in the event for next year and before that, remember to give us a call for the best New York City mini bus that money can buy!