Monday, October 21, 2013

Premium Quality Food and Service at Colicchio and Sons

If you thinking of experiencing New York’s diverse dining options in one visit, you will be sorely disappointed with the fact that this is quite literally an impossible feat. There is just so much you can eat and experience. One of the things that you should never miss when you are in New York is the street food. There is quite nothing like it but as far as fine dining is concerned, one of the must-visit restaurants with your NY mini bus would be the main room Colicchio and Sons.
With Colicchio and Sons, things are never the same every time you visit because the chef is completely dedicated to experimental cooking. Based on their long-standing relationship with growers and industry experts, they are quick to turn things around or bring new items into their menu whenever the chance presented itself.
The chefs may change with time but their motivation remains the same - the greenmarket which serves as the main inspiration and motivation for chefs like James Tracey who is currently cerving as their main chef. As they run through what the greenmarket has to offer each season, ideas will jump out at them and they will let the creativity inspire them in the kitchen. The flavors are bold, clean and uses locally sourced ingredients. I will have to say that THAT is inspiring on its own.
They received a three star review from the revered The New York Times.
‘We dined at Colicchio and Sons for my birthday and we had the seven course meal and it was amazing. You know how when you look at a dish and simply know that the person behind the dish works really hard to impress you off of your socks. Yup, that was the feeling I got for each of the dishes they served for the 7 course meal. My birthday dinner, was therefore, perfect,’ says Sally who celebrated many other special occasions at Colicchio and Sons.
The cost of dining in at this award-winning restaurant could have been cheaper, in all honesty, but most people would not mind paying for premium quality dining. And THAT is what Colicchio and Sons is all about.
If eating at the Main Dining Room is good, then choosing your specialty drink at Tap Room will complete the whole experience. Pick your favorite from their extensive wine and cocktail menu and enjoy the top quality meal and drinks at Colicchio any time of the day. In the meantime, if you are thinking of organizing a group event in New York, please do not hesitate to give us a call for an affordable NYC charter bus rental package.

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